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What's Inside?

Your pets count on you to protect and care for them.
When an emergency or disaster strikes, will you be ready?
You can answer, "Yes!" if you own a
ResQPet® Emergency Preparedness and First Aid Kit.


Created by retired safety professional Blake Donovan, in conjunction with several leading veterinarians, these kits provide you with the tools you need to rescue and care for your pet. ResQPet®'s comprehensive, pet-specific First Aid Book is filled with step-by-step preparedness instructions, life saving techniques, solutions to common accidents...and more! Once you add the items listed to personalize your kit, you will have, in one convenient place, everything you need to respond to a pet emergency.  There are several kits to choose from, tailored to the size and kind of pet that owns you!

Remember, ResQPet® is much more than first aid.

Endorsed by
Veterinary Centers of America!

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